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Our Birth

Today I remember it was March 6, 2006 when I made the decision to build my own educational center in relation to training courses for tax preparation. He already had a track record and a lot of experience in teaching courses for people who wanted to graduate as tax preparers and for people who needed continuing education to renew their licenses annually. I invested 14 years of my life as a tax instructor in one of the great corporations of the nation of the United States as H & R Block, I have worked for them since 1992 as a tax instructor serving 3 groups per day for 7 days a week (of course I was only 28 years old and had all the energy in the world) Each of my groups of more than 45 students enjoyed each one I loved that they asked me everything they wanted to know and I enjoyed answering each one of your questions. In 1992 H & R Block did not have instructors in Spanish so that is why I had so many contracts in my favor, year after year the H & R Block recognized my work until I had as many students as I had never imagined and all of them very grateful because I always deceive them with a lot of love and patience, but nevertheless nothing is forever, the moment has come I told myself I have to do it for myself and that was how in March 2006 I made my application to the Internal Revenue Service for its approval as a school of taxes and what was my surprise that in less than I imagined there was the approval and from that moment ARCOIRIS INCOME TAX SCHOOL was born. Very proud of myself, I have continued to win students every school season and 99% have very satisfactory comments for me.

I am very proud to be the CEO of Arcoiris Income Tax School because every day my students make me feel that I am the best teaching, I love them all very much and I believe that I will continue teaching for the rest of my life.


Ruth M. Gurrola

Master Tax Advisor

One Year Later

2007 Arcoiris Income Tax School underway, adding students until this year we already had more than 40 students who were still excited to come to my small school to renew their licenses, my dedication and knowledge helped me gain their trust and thus have more recommended students, people that the existing students recommended to me, what pride I said I think I’m doing things very well, that’s where I decided to integrate my daughter, who of course was already a tax preparer like me, I remember that she said to me I follow her teacher and I never answered her a daughter of mine should go to the front of me not attracted. And since then we have been together serving our students in the best possible way.

Something Specially New

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Ten years later

Wow, 2016 the Cambio Arcoiris Income Tax School moves, moved from an 870-square-foot office to a 1600-square-foot office, wherein that large space it could give its tax courses to small groups of students who were interested in topics complicated for complicated tax returns.

Happy for this change, more students, more work, more happiness. To date, my knowledge is much more than before, I have trained many more in IRS seminars than in other recognized teaching schools in the USA. Many Seminars, many Webinars, I make my own class books from my first book in 2006 to the present day all approved by the Internal Revenue Service (Department of Education).

Now at this time our courses are taught in recognized Hotels with an audience of over 100 students per group, having special guests such as Senator Lou Correa where he shows his appreciation in front of all my students and thanking them for being my students.

Online Courses

2020, the year in which my dream comes true to have my school online in addition to having it for classes in person and by correspondence, today my knowledge overflows I have the most important support which is that of my children and that of my husband, My daughter and I continue to make every effort to make sure everything goes well, giving classes for beginners, intermediate level, advanced level, corporate level, we continue to advance in technology and experience in tax preparation as well as in the instruction in our courses. We have the menu that is needed for Federal and State laws in almost all subjects, Ethics, Federal Law, Updates of federal laws, Corporate laws, etc …

So Ruth M. Gurrola and Brenda R. Gurrola will continue walking next to you, not back, not forward, but to the side so that we all learn together.

Arcoiris Income Tax School thanks you for being part of our team.

God bless you.

Our Team

Ruth Gurrola


I am very proud to be the CEO of Divine Group LLC and Arcoiris Income Tax School with more than 30 years of experience.

Brenda R. Gurrola


CTEC and IRS certified administrator since 2000 who currently works as a tax professional, administrator, and coordinator at Arcoiris Income Tax School.